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Archive for February, 2009

Got iPhone Speaker Buzz? Try This.

iPhone placed on Anti-Static Bag eliminates EM noise in my monitors

iPhone placed on Anti-Static Bag eliminates EM noise in my monitors

If you’re annoyed as much as I am by the EM noise generated by your iPhone or other GSM device, try this simple solution before running out and buying new monitors (or smashing your pricey iPhone). If you’ve purchased RAM or a hard drive, hang on to the anti-static sleeve and use it as a buffer. I happened to notice one day that when I laid my phone on top of the sleeve the noise went away AND I could receive calls/data (see the i’m-too-lazy-to-get-my-real-camera-so-I-used-a-webcam picture above). Problem solved for me – your results may vary but it’s worth a shot.

Most intense music video ever?

Here at noisefreak, we’re not sure if even we could have done a better job at making this THE MOST INTENSE music video ever made. But don’t take our word for it, check it out:

Intense… indeed.

Searching For Regions

At some point in every producers day there is a point where scouring your regions bin for a particular whole or partial file turns into a ‘needle in a haystack’ hunt. A feature not many people utilize is the region search function. Here’s a quick tip to help find that elusive region.

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