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Archive for January, 2010

ProTools Modifier Keys

There are a couple of shortcuts that significantly speed up my editing in ProTools. Some of you may already know these but for those who don’t, you’re gonna love it. Here’s a video:

Sound for Picture: The Revolutionary Holocaust


Glenn Beck aired a documentary called “The Revolutionary Holocaust.” It took many people working many sleepless nights to put this together. I was one of those insomniacs (I did the sound design). Even with the short time frame we had to put this together, 99% of the music was original, scored by Anthony Newett. A wonderful composer with whom I’ve work for a couple years.

This special aired to excellent ratings and I’m sure that’s a sign of more specials to come down the road. Regardless of your personal opinion of Glenn Beck, it’s an eye-opener to anyone who wasn’t aware of some events mentioned in the documentary. You can find the whole thing on youtube somewhere. Broken into various parts, I’m sure, since it was an hour long.

I’m glad to be done with the long nights but looking forward to the next documentary.

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