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Restore Selection in ProTools

So I just stumbled across a shortcut that should have been obvious but I don’t think I’ve ever used it. It sits right there in the edit menu (I rarely use menu’s anymore – maybe I should rifle through them from time to time).

“Restore Selection” option+command+z

I clear my selection on accident from time to time so this one will be handy. Thought I’d share.

Repeating Regions in ProTools (video)

Sometimes Copy and Paste is just tedious. Sometimes you have so much to duplicate that you’d use up all your undo’s before you finished your intended effect. Two quick key commands, which you may or may not have known about, make some duplicating tasks more productive and less time consuming.

1) Pressing Option + R will repeat your selection a specified number of times.
2) Pressing Option + Command + V will fill your selection with whatever is on the clipboard.

These key commands speed up the process of stutter edits, duplicating your chorus in a song, repeating a kick drum sample, etc. Check out the video below to see them used in context.

Stay In Sync (Video)

You’re in ProTools and ready to make a mixout so you highlight your regions and press command+D to duplicate — what the — your midi has shifted away from your audio. This happens if you’ve identified a beat and the tempo before/after that section is different. Rather than go put the midi region back into place by hand, just select the tempo ruler along with the regions you’re duplicating. This will make sure your tempo map gets copied as well. Here’s a quick video to demonstrate.

The Basics: Trashing Your Preferences

This was a post on my previous blog, reposted here by request.

We all encounter problems in Pro-Tools; some worse than others. If you run into one and can’t trace it back to a particular session you may want to try trashing your preferences. This is a common practice and usually one of the first steps when troubleshooting a problem. Here’s how to do it: Read more »

Tempo Mapping in Pro-Tools (video)

I thought it might be a good idea to do a video demonstrating how to set your tempo grid in Pro-Tools. I get a lot of questions/comments from people saying they’re not quite sure how to begin with the whole ‘identify beat’ thing. Definitely this beginning step can throw a wrench in your whole project if done incorrectly so I completely understand your frustration. It’s a process that is best learned hands on (and second best learned visually). Read more »

Shift+Option Shortcut

This is a tip originally posted on my old blog… by request, I’m moving those posts over to the noisefreak blog.

A pretty widely known shortcut to duplicate a region in protools is to hold down the option key and drag the region to your desired location. However, adding the shift key to the equation will select every track above and below your selection so you can copy to a new location. This is helpful for duplication the chorus of a song or a group shout. This video briefly shows the keys in action.

Got iPhone Speaker Buzz? Try This.

iPhone placed on Anti-Static Bag eliminates EM noise in my monitors

iPhone placed on Anti-Static Bag eliminates EM noise in my monitors

If you’re annoyed as much as I am by the EM noise generated by your iPhone or other GSM device, try this simple solution before running out and buying new monitors (or smashing your pricey iPhone). If you’ve purchased RAM or a hard drive, hang on to the anti-static sleeve and use it as a buffer. I happened to notice one day that when I laid my phone on top of the sleeve the noise went away AND I could receive calls/data (see the i’m-too-lazy-to-get-my-real-camera-so-I-used-a-webcam picture above). Problem solved for me – your results may vary but it’s worth a shot.

Searching For Regions

At some point in every producers day there is a point where scouring your regions bin for a particular whole or partial file turns into a ‘needle in a haystack’ hunt. A feature not many people utilize is the region search function. Here’s a quick tip to help find that elusive region.

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