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Location Based Smart Folders in 10.5

Find yourself longing for the ability to search multiple locations using Leopard, like you could with Tiger? Here’s a quick fix to get you up and running again.
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ProTools 8 DAE ERROR 6031 and 9128

ProTools 8 DAE ERROR 6031
Figure one: A nagging CPU error I kept getting.

I recently updated one of my systems to Leopard and ProTools HD 8 and one of the first problems I encountered was a nagging CPU error. I could load a blank project and create one single instrument track, place one RTAS instrument on it and get an error within 3 to 13 seconds of hitting play. This is without any midi data on the track, without playing a single note, without any automation, without any other apps running.

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TIP-Create Shouts Quickly (video)

I had a request to post a tip on creating shouts so here it is. This video uses ProTools 8 but everything applies to previous versions as well (except the expanded playlist feature). If you have any tricks to add or have questions please comment below.

Tip: ProTools 8 – Creating Shouts from Noise Freak on Vimeo.

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